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5 Steps How to Trade Binaries on Binary Options Robot Software

5 Steps How to Trade Binaries on Binary Options Robot Software

It is possible South African traders who have already started trading binaries heard about Binary Options Robot which is a clever and time-saving trading system.

Hence, those traders might be wondering how best to go about using it to their full potential.

In this guide, we will provide simple 5 steps how to trade binaries on Binary Options Robot software.

This can be especially useful for those traders who are just starting out as using this approach will save time and proved them with a more effective approach to the whole system of binary options trading via Binary Options Robot software.

The guide is comprised on the assumption that South African traders already did the free registration and have made a deposit with one of the binary brokers connected with Binary Options Robot.

Activate Binary Options Robot Software Underlying Assets

The best way for South Africans traders to start the 5 steps how to trade binaries on Binary Options Robot software is to familiarise themselves with the available underlying assets.

Binary Options Robot provides over 50 underlying assets sorted into currencies, stocks and commodities.

While traders might have a personal preference concerning underlying assets, a wiser approach how to trade binaries on Binary Options Robot software is to activate as many underlying assets as possible.

The reason is simple – the more underlying assets trader has activated the more signals will the software generate.

In keeping most underlying assets activated South African traders are not investing any extra money but they are maximising their chances of achieving profits.

Accept More Trades on Binary Options Robot Software

Unlike most other trading solutions available to South African traders, Binary Options Robot has a special feature called Auto Trade Approval which grants absolute control to traders.

With this unique trade alert, traders are in a position to either accept or decline the suggested binary signal.

Once traders optimise the trading dashboard Binary Options Robot software will scan the market in search of trades which have the most chances of yielding monetary gain.

The Auto Trade Approval pops up every time the Robot generates the trading signal and traders can either accept it or not.

Statistically speaking, the more trades South African traders accept the more chances they have to make profits.

Trade Binaries with Multiple Brokers on Binary Options Robot

The third element in our 5 steps how to trade binaries on Binary Options Robot software concerns multiple brokers trading. As South African traders know, the deposit for trading binaries on Binary Options Robot is made with a broker.

However, traders do not have to limit themselves and the potential for making a profit on just one broker. Instead, they can make more deposits with other brokers available on Binary Options Robot software.

The trading process does not become any more complicated as South African traders use the same dashboard. They simply adjust the settings on the dashboard for a particular binary broker.

The math is simple, trading with more binary brokers allows traders more options and different approach to trading which might result in lucrative profits.

Utilise Binary Options Robot Software VIP Account

Chances are ever newbie South African traders who only started using Binary Options Robot know about the amazing VIP account.

Therefore, it is natural that the VIP account is among the 5 steps how to trade binaries on Binary Options Robot software to obtain better winning rate.

The best part? In order to start using the VIP account, South Africans only have to make a deposit with at least one of the supported binary options brokers.

The moment this is done, traders need to contact the Robot customer support service which will activate their VIP account.

In doing so, traders get access to amazing features available on Binary Options Robot software.

Binary Options Robot – Risk Level Feature

The first one is the Risk Level feature which has four different risk degrees which South African traders may adjust to their own preference.

This is also where the benefit with multiple binary brokers fully comes into perspective as traders may test various risk levels.

Additionally, it is possible to adjust the risk level at any time in the trading process.

Trading Strategies Feature

Next feature available to South African traders on Binary options Robot software is called Trading Strategies.

Five strategies in total are available, each with its own trading algorithm.

Again, traders are in charge and they may use all strategies or just one but each will bring a new take on the binary options trading.

Expiry Times Feature

Lastly, with this feature traders can test longer and shorter trading times such as Daily Trades and 60 seconds. In trying both options traders will be able to determine which they find more profitable and beneficial to their trading.

With short expiry times, it is possible to obtain more profits but the risks are higher as it is more difficult to judge what could happen to the underlying asset price direction and traders who opt for that expiry time need to keep that in mind.

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Consult Your Binary Options Robot Trading History

Once South Africans get sufficiently familiar with the trading dashboard on the Robot they will notice a History Tab.

The History tab provides them with detailed data on all their previous trades – underlying asset, price direction, precise investment amount, binary broker, order and close time as well as strike and close price with returns and final results.

While this is an overall useful aspect available to traders this tab becomes an extremely valuable tool once traders begin to trade with several brokers. For that reason, the History tab found its way into our 5 steps how to trade binaries on binary options robot software.

In consulting this tab, South Africans have a clear overview and can adjust the settings accordingly.  

In following these simple 5 steps how to trade binaries on Binary Options Robot software, South African traders may significantly raise their chances of achieving fantastic profits.

What’s more, in order to make every aspect of trading with Binary Options Robot, traders can take full use of the handy video guide which will guide them expertly and efficiently.

In using available features and aspects of this remarkable synergy of advanced technology and user-friendly software, South African traders can experience the best of binary options trading.

5 Steps How to Trade Binaries on Binary Options Robot Software
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