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Binary Signals Trader Review 2016

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $25
  • Return Up to 86%

New and innovative auto trading system focused solely on stocks and currencies, Binary Signals Trader, has become available to traders in March  2017.

This new auto trading solution is yet another opportunity for South African traders to explore and use to their own benefit in the binary options trading journey.

Binary Signals Trader was designed, developed and perfected by a veteran trader Simon Russell.

In our Binary Signals Trader review, we shall offer interested South African traders important info about this unique binary options signal provider.

Binary Signals Trader

How to Define Binary Signals Trader?

Conceived and further developed by Simon Russell, a professional trader whose major interest in trading focused on stocks and currencies, Binary Signals Trader appears to be a fine solution for basically any sort of traders – new and experienced ones.

This signal provider is entirely web-based which means there is no need for any sort of download and that, in turn, signifies that it is possible to use it from any computer or laptop.

In our Binary Signals Trader review, we discovered some efficient segments which may lead to a very successful binary options trading journey. Those segments include the following:

  • Investment focused on currencies and stocks
  • Real-time signal access
  • Simplicity of usage
  • Suitable for professional and novice traders
  • Possibility to achieve up to 86% payout

How Binary Signals Trader Came to Be?

Binary Signals Trader traces its beginning to 2008 and one of the worst financial crisis that the modern world ever experienced.

The mastermind behind Binary Signals Trader, Simon Russell, managed to weather the crisis astoundingly well, even managed to carry out savvy investments with assets like stocks and currencies. Realizing that it was possible to have profitable investments even during times of serious financial crisis, Simon Russell set out to develop a trading software which would enable a large number of people to benefit.

After a while, he succeeded in creating and designing Binary Signals Trader.

With traders in mind first and foremost, Binary Signals Trader is a binary signal provider which is simple to use and still produce the desired result profit-wise. Additionally, our Binary Signals Trader also determined that this trading solution is one of the rare ones on the South African market as it focuses on only two types of assets – currencies and stocks.

Binary Signals Trader

Premium Account Available with Binary Signals Trader

All those who wish to enter the world of binary options trading do so with one major intention – to make a profit.

With Binary Signals Trader the possibility to achieve profits may go up to 86%.

The high winning ratio is reported to be achievable via the sophisticated trading system and timely and accurate trading signals for currencies and stocks as those assets are the main focus. In fact, there are 40 underlying assets to invest in.

The system keeps tracks and is set up to monitor various financial markets in order to gather all usable data which will then be translated into trading signals. Once that takes place, signals are swiftly shown on the trading platform so traders can see immediately all available binary signals. In fact, all new signals are marked as such – New Signal.

Simplicity and ease appear to be the hallmark of this unique signal provider. In our Binary Signals Trader review, we determined that the features embedded with this trading solution are simple and effective. Registered South African traders will be given the opportunity to invest in currency pairs and stocks as these asset categories are the major focus of Simon Russell, creator of this trading software.

However, there is another benefit of selecting this signal provider – the Premium Account. Once traders make a deposit with one of the offered brokers they become eligible to use the Premium Account. We advise all interested South Africans to contact the customer support service to obtain all the necessary details.

On the Binary Signals Trader Premium account, South Africans will be offered the following choice when it comes to trading features:

  • Correlation or High-Frequency trading strategies
  • 60 s, 2 min, 5 min, 30 min and End of Day as expiry time options
  • Low / Medium / High as possible risk levels

Connected Brokers, Open Trades, Profit, Balance and Signal Alerts are all listed in the trading area.

Preferences button is located on the left-hand side and there traders may inspect the lengthy list of underlying assets. Trading signals are given on the right-hand side of the dashboard. The upper part of the dashboard is reserved for the trading options available to registered traders.

Reasons to Register with Binary Signals Trader

Having on disposal a signals trader which is suited to be successful whether the trader is completely new to this form of trading or with experience, is one of the many reasons why registering with Binary Signals Trader might prove to be a sage choice for South African traders.

Even more so when the increased interest in trading binary options trading is taken into consideration.

This interest clearly points out that there is a need, as well as space, for a new and more sophisticated trading product such as Binary Signals Trader.

On the closer inspection in our Binary Signals Trader review, we can say that the prevalent feature of the dashboard is its modern, sophisticated appearance which is in sync with the advanced technology used to create it.

Yet, at the same time, it is also simple and easy to navigate and provides plenty of trading options.

The download is not necessary as all registered South African traders as the whole binary options trading process can be executed from the browser. Trading signals generated by the Binary Signals Trader are entirely free.

For South Africans to begin their trading journey with this signal provider, they simply need to make a minimum deposit with on of the connected binary brokers. Binary brokers wich are available for South Africans will be clearly indicated and traders may make the deposit with the one they wish.

Binary Signals Trader Customer Support

For South African traders who are interested in this sophisticated signal provider, Binary Signals Trader customer support is at disposal.

There is a handy and fast Live Chat so South Africans can quickly find out the answers to their questions or seek help if there are some issues.

We also advise South African traders to consult the detailed FAQ section which can answer most of the questions which are usually the ones which draw the most attention from traders.

Binary Signals Trader - Review Conclusion