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BinaryCopier Review 2016

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $25
  • Return up to 89%

BinaryCopier is one of the latest additions to the market of binary options trading, launched early in 2017, and now also available to all South Africans who prefer a different approach to binary options trading.

This trading software is designed as to provide traders the opportunity to select and invest in traders that appear to be most profitable at the given moment.

Traders need to get hold of the trades as each signal has an expiry time because of the volatility of the financial market.

To present the elements of this trading solution, we decided to offer South African traders BinaryCopier review.


How Does BinaryCopier Function?

This innovative signal provider essentially accumulates and generates binary signals. South African traders interested in binary trading with BinaryCopier need to use the signals prior to expiry with the possibility of very attractive payouts.

In our BinaryCopier review, we found download is not necessary with this signal provider as it is web based and it only generates signals when traders are online.

In order to use this binary trading software, all interested South African traders should register. As we have already pointed out, no download is needed but there are also no additional costs or fees as this signal provider is free.

BinaryCopier Trading Hub

BinaryCopier Trading Hub is the name of their trading platform. There, traders have the opportunity to select popular trading signals.

BinaryCopier is specialized in generating signals for stocks and currency pairs as those seem to be the most profitable underlying assets.

Additionally, in minimizing the number of underlying assets, Trading Hub is not overloaded and enables traders to have a much clear picture of the current marker situation and possible investment opportunities. BinaryCopier also claims to be connected with reliable brokers which can only raise the quality of the trading process.

In our BinaryCopier review, we found that traders may also adjust and optimize the settings in order to achieve profits.

There are several features, strategies as well as the VIP Account which have all been designed with the intent to provide traders great profit-making opportunities. Traders can also observe what other registered traders are doing and which trading signals they are selecting. In doing so traders also learn and gain experience which can be of great importance later on.

The registration process is quick and simple so it should not present any difficulties for traders looking to use this signals provider for binary options trading.


BinaryCopier VIP Account and Features

On their trading hub, BinaryCopier offers all interested South African traders the VIP Account which contains unique features so as to provide the option to examine advanced, innovative trading options.

To seize the benefit of the VIP Account, traders have to register and then make a deposit with one of the offer brokers. This action will activate the VIP account making all features available to traders.

One of the most attractive features of BinaryCopier VIP account is the Risk Amplifier which has 3 different levels.

These different levels provide traders with the element of control as they are able to select a risk level which suits their trading styles. Therefore, South African traders looking to trade with this signal provider can choose between 3 levels:

  • Minimize – for low risk trades
  • Equalize – for medium risk trades
  • Amplify – for high risk trades

As we continued inspecting this top signal provider for our BinaryCopier review, we also found out that these risk options may be changed at any given moment in the trading process.

BinaryCopier VIP Strategies

As would be expected from a modern, innovative trading software, BinaryCopier also provides South African traders with 2 choices when it comes to strategies.

In our BinaryCopier review we took a closer look and found two very distinct strategies:

  • Currency Stimulation
  • Recurrence Effect

Each strategy is governed by a specific trading algorithm and the sole purpose is to deliver the best trading signals for traders to use. South African traders are free to choose which strategy they want to use or, they can simply use both in hopes to achieve the best possible trading results.

BinaryCopier Customer Support Services

Lastly, our BinaryCopier review also took a look at their customer support services.

There is a team of professionals available for any possible questions traders might have about this signal provider. All interested South Africans may get in contact with BinaryCopier customer support either via live chat or via email and their friendly agents will assist in any way they can.

Traders can also consult their detailed FAQ section which will provide the explanation to all crucial sections concerning BinaryCopier.

With a novel approach to binary options trading, BinaryCopier may be an interesting choice for traders in South Africa as it provides interesting and innovative strategies and features as well as signals aimed exclusively at stocks and currencies.

BinaryCopier - Review Conclusion