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CopyOp Review 2016

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What is CopyOp?

CopyOp can be referred as one of the most meaningful and top notch binary options social trading networks for traders in South Africa.

It actually allows individuals to get and copy the successful binary options trading patterns of the experts. Investments can be more profitable by utilizing this software.

Getting started and understanding the basics of CopyOp are also quite convenient and designed in a user-friendly to facilitate the ultimate binary options trading requirements. This software is relatively a newly launched one, but has gained much popularity among both the expert as well as starters of the binary options trading industry.

CopyOp review shows how they simply facilitate traders to copy some of the most successful and expert investors of binary options trading industry.

A list is displayed to the registered users and they can copy the investment behavior of the highly successful traders. Traders just have to select the desired investor pattern and the trading signals are automatically copied by the software.

South African traders can also earn money by making others to copy their own investment pattern or trading signals.

The CopyOp basically facilitates both the experts and the beginners. They can copy trading signals of experts for having profitable trades. On the other hand experts can earn money if their trading signals are being copied by the other users.

Using Copyop for trading binary options

The CopyOp social platform is actually the exclusive platform which is integrating social trading concept with binary options trading. The combination of social trading with binary options provides highly favorable results for the binary options traders, as seen in our CopyOp review.

In order to get started with the CopyOp, traders have to create an account with the software. Once they have created the account with CopyOp, they can easily proceed with the meaningful investments using binary options trading strategies. The strategic plans and patterns are very important when talking about binary options trading.

In this context, CopyOp is supporting the real time demands of the traders by providing them with expert trading signals from the top most and successful binary options traders.

Registered trader is awarded with some CopyOp coins, that can eventually be converted into the real world money. This social trading software is often regarded a revolutionary one because the users can make money in two ways, i.e. they can earn money by concluding good investments or by making others to copy their successful trading decisions.

This way, CopyOp is serving the stance of both the newbies as well as the expert traders. The registered users of this software can find numerous relatable functions and features in CopyOp.


Strategy Making with CopyOp

Registered South African traders can potentially profit from binary options trading while using the CopyOp software. This software somehow also works as the trading guide for the newbies who lack adequate information and experience to conclude meaningful trades.

They can either make a demo account or real money account for getting into the features, as seen in this CopyOp review. However, the CopyOp coins can’t be claimed with a demo account. The users can either copy the successful trades or simply follow them for understanding the basics of successful trades.

They can refer to the “Explore Feed” or the “Hot List” for taking information about the top most traders.

For many traders, the main target is to make others copy their trading signals so that they can get more money. There are many ways with the help of which, individuals can get more copiers. In the very first manner, they can utilize some low-risk investments strategies for managing trades.

Similarly, traders can also calculate the statistics that how many points are required to get into the top 3 traders lists. As soon as the trader gets into the top charts, they can start low-risk investments in small attempts to experience successful trades. In this way the traders can make more bonuses.

Getting CopyOp Bonus

The whole working of CopyOp software is based on three simple steps, i.e. watch, copy and trade. By following these easy steps, the individuals can definitely make highly successful trade moves, following to huge profits.

This amazing software allows the users to watch and get the latest binary trading alerts from the top most traders across the world. After selecting the successful traders, they can copy the same trading patterns automatically by a system generated feature.

Furthermore if traders are already expert enough to generate successful trades and investments, then they can simply share their trading signals with the other users. If the trading signals of expert traders are copied by the others, they will simply be rewarded with CopyOp coins that can directly converted into real word money.


It is not necessary to copy the other expert traders when using CopyOp software. Beginners can also only watch and get the trading feeds from the experts. After watching and observing the experts the users can even stop following and copying the trading signals of experts. They can eventually start making successful trades and enabling others to copy them for earning instant income.

Beginners can also only watch and get the trading feeds from the experts. After watching and observing the experts the users can even stop following and copying the trading signals of experts. They can eventually start making successful trades and enabling others to copy them for earning instant income.

One thing must be kept in mind that in order to earn income/CopyOp coins the traders have to make a real money account. The CopyOp coin/income obtained from the copiers can’t be claimed with a demo account.

Advantages of using CopyOp

Strong customer support

The South African traders can enjoy a strong customer support mechanism when using the CopyOp for concluding profitable binary trading options.

Key features

The CopyOp app can be downloaded into the devices easily. The entire transactions are made through the SSL platform. The confidentiality of the users is completely secure.

Availability of different languages

The CopyOp software is available in five different languages, i.e. English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish.

User friendly Interface

Traders can enjoy a highly user-friendly interface when using the CopyOp for binary trading options.

How to make money?

Traders do have opportunity to earn money while trading with the binary options. They can either watch, copy or follow the expert trading investments to conclude profitable trades.

CopyOp - Review Conclusion