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eToro Review 2016

  • Min. Deposit $50
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  • Return 80%

What is eToro?

The eToro is one of the largest social trading platforms for both the beginners as well as the professional traders in binary options industry.

With eToro, traders can definitely get meaningful features and characteristics that can support the actual stance of the traders.

The eToro is also offering exclusive social features for the member to take advantage of. It also allow the users to sign in from Facebook or Twitter accounts and interact with the other expert traders with due convenience.

How to start with eToro?

Starting and using eToro is powered by a simple and user friendly way.

Generally speaking there are three types of account when talking about eToro, Bronze which is known as the basic account, the Silver account and the Gold account. Besides these real trading accounts as seen in eToro review, eToro is also features the demo account, so that the newbies can practice and learn the successful Forex trading strategies and techniques.

The eToro is one such social trading platform for traders that can be accessed and utilized by everyone. The demo account can be created anytime without any cost. However for the Bronze, Silver and Gold accounts, members have to pay some amount of money.
The best thing we found out in eToro review is that users can even start with a minimum $50, which is regarded quite reasonable.

The eToro is powered by OpenBook platform, WebTrader, E-courses, Live Webinars, social trading and mobile trading. The eToro app is also available for both the Android as well as IOS devices.

It is also being supported by multiple languages, i.e. Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Dutch and Italian. The top most traders refer to the eToro features for relying on the best social trading platform.

The eToro eventually proves to be one of the largest social trading platforms for traders. The beginners can interact with the expert members and get valuable information and statistics for concluding meaningful trades and investments.


The best part about eToro is that the members can get a lot of currencies to trade with. Moreover they can also trade gold as well as silver in the real work commodity market. The WebTrader, which is the part of eToro, simply facilitates the members to trade anywhere across the globe. Traders and eToro members can also communicate with each other as Web Trader allows the live chat function.

This feature is highly useful especially for beginner traders on binary market who want to attain the expertise level in this trading industry.

What are the Key Features of eToro?

The eToro is offering a number of meaningful characteristics and features for the experienced as well as beginner traders. Following mentioned are the salient features of eToro.

In the very first manner, eToro is regarded as one the largest and professionally social trading network traders. The newbies can get into the professional trading patterns and investment signals that can be followed for concluding highly result-oriented ends.

Starting with the eToro is also quite convenient and user-friendly for the traders.

The traders can even sign in from Facebook or Twitter accounts. In this way they can even use their real identities/names for socializing with the other professional traders. A spontaneous learning and virtual trading practice can be initiated by using the eToro platform.

The eToro also provide the traders with demo account feature, in which they can create an account free of cost but can also get updates and professional trading signals from the expert Forex traders.

The real trading accounts, i.e. Bronze, Silver and Gold can also be created by investing some amount of money. The basic account can be started with minimum $50, which is considered quite affordable for most of the traders.


Why use eToro Social Platform?

The eToro is providing numerous meaningful features to registered traders, on the basis of which this social trading platform is regarded as one of the best platforms across the globe.
Traders or the account holders can enjoy highly innovative features and privacy settings. The confidentiality and privacy of the members is maintained under any circumstances.

The search engine of eToro is known as “Guru Finder”, which can be used for finding the top most traders on the basis of suitable investment options, trade size, asset choice and other parameters. In this way the individuals/members can find out the right professional trader for getting and copying their trading patterns.

The eToro is literally offering e-courses, journals, articles and webinars to provide their members with complete guide and introduction to the eToro.

One of the most popular features of using eToro is that the traders can easily sign up from their Facebook or Twitter accounts. This feature proves that eToro is the real time social trading platform.

A very strong customer support is offered to the account holders 24/5, i.e. through put the working days. The communication and interaction of the traders while using social media accounts is regarded as one of the most desirable feature of using eToro platform.

After analyzing the key features and workings of eToro, it would not be wrong to conclude that this social trading platform is one of the most popular and significant one among binary options traders in South Africa.

In the first place, it aid beginners in learning effective strategies and investment patterns from the professional traders.
Secondly, the professional traders can also take advantage from the meaningful features of this social trading platform.

Furthermore the instant and user-friendly features like connecting to social media forums can be referred as some of the most useful characteristics of eToro. For further in-depth details, eToro is actually offering a number of journals, learning tools, forums, e-courses as well as webinars to provide the beginners with acute information about the startup and functionality of eToro.

eToro - Review Conclusion

eToro Review
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