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FXMasterBot Review 2017

  • Min. Deposit $100
  • Min. Invest $25
  • Return 89%

FXMasterBot is an interesting new software on the global market. It has caught the attention of a lot of traders around the world in this short time it has been up and running. When you take into account all of the characteristics of this software, that is definitely not something that should be surprising as the overall design and functionality seem to be superb.

Exactly that is the reason why we are bringing this review to our readers – we want to make sure you have all the relevant facts about why this auto trading software is something that could potentially maximize your profit potential when it comes to online trading.


FXMasterBot Review – Account Features

Different trading accounts and wide array of important and beneficial features is what will add to the recognition of this particular software. Traders that prefer having several choices when it comes to account types will be pleasantly surprised with the FXMasterBot Demo, Novice, Expert and Master accounts.

FXMasterBot Demo Account

Having the choice of opening a Demo account is of crucial importance for many traders, especially those who do not have an ample amount of previously acquired experience with creating financial strategies. FXMasterBot Demo account gives you the opportunity to really get to know the design and functionality of the trading interface and platform in general.

After you have registered with the FXMasterBot you will have the option of opening the Demo account or going directly to the real account types that require deposit. If you feel like you would benefit from opening the free Demo account, it is important to know that the account will be open and accessible for 5 days after the activation.

FXMasterBot Novice Account

If you have gone through your Demo account and you want to upgrade your trading and start placing real trades, or if you want to jump right into trading, the best option is to go with the Novice account. This is especially true for those traders who either aren’t very ambitious and tend not to experiment too much with their trades, or those who simply aren’t as experienced as they feel they need to be to open larger accounts.

FXMasterBot Expert Account

The Expert account requires a $500 minimum deposit and offers a wide array of useful features and tools you get to use. Everything you get when you open a Novice account will be enabled in the Expert account also, but you also get additional features such as: the ability to trade up to nine pairs of currency pairs, Leaderboard multiplier x2 and other great additions.

FXMasterBot Master Account

The last level you can get to is the Master account and it is the last account you will ever need. Considering all of the benefits that come with this $1000 dollar deposit account ($500 minimum deposit with two brokers) traders can be assured that the customization process of your trading experience has never been this streamlined. What is it that you get with the FXMasterBot account? Leaderboard multiplier x3, trading every currency pair that is offered, VIP treatment and much more.


FXMasterBot Review – Trading Software & Assets

When it comes to software characteristics, one of the most crucial elements of a trading software, automated or not, is that it is cost-effective. In this case, FXMasterBot is a completely free software that doesn’t require any payments on your part. All of the deposits you will be placing will go straight to your broker and will be used entirely for your trades.

This particular software also offers the possibility of superb customization of the trading process. Whether you are a very experienced trader who already knows exactly which trading strategy to use in which scenario or you are one of the traders who aren’t that experienced so you are still trying to find your perfect strategy, you will be surprised at the things this software has to offer.

With all of the features offered, such as Reverse Trading, Max Concurrent Trades, Compound Wins, Daily Take Profit, Daily Stop Loss and Max Daily Trades, you’ll never need any additional features. This software is also completely web based so all you need is a device that is able to connect to the internet and supports a basic browser.

FXMasterBot Review – Customer Support

It is important to realize that customer support system is the backbone of every software and ever product. If you think about it, it is extremely important that the communication traders have with the customer support team is fluent and professional.

We have tested the customer support function and have to admit that the agents that have been corresponding with us have been really educated, professional and eager to help. Traders have the option of choosing the Live chat option to talk to the support team or an email address. In case you think your question is something that comes up often, check out the FAQ section.

FXMasterBot Review – Verdict

FXMasterBot is a completely free trading software that aims to provide a superb trading experience. The leaderboard system provides the possibility of upgrading your trading journey and maximizing chances for your profit potential. We believe that this particular trading software will only continue its successful path towards the best forex trading software on the market.


FXMasterBot - Review Conclusion

  • Completely free software
  • No phone app
FXMasterBot Review
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