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Investocopy Review 2016

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What is Investocopy?

Investocopy is a social trading platform which simply enables traders to follow as well as copy trading signals and investment patterns of the other expert users/members.

The members of the Investocopy are basically rated according to their accuracy and success rate with the binary options trading. Following and copying the trading patterns of the experts involves a very simple process that can be understood and applied even without having any technical knowledge.

This social trading platform is being used by hundreds and thousands of binary options traders who lack prior experience and knowledge for making successful investments and trades.

The individuals can create a demo account with Investocopy platform which is totally free of cost. With this account they can experience the entire features of binary trading options in the form of chips. On the other hand they can also create the real account without investing any amount of money.

The real account holders can enjoy further monetary perks while trading with the binary options. Starting and getting into the basics of Investocopy have been designed in a user-friendly manner and the newbies can instantly experience profitable moves and twists by copying the expert trading signals.

The Characteristics of Investocopy

Investocopy is one of the most popular social trading platforms, which is providing traders in South Africa with numerous features that can support the real time stance of the binary options traders.

Broadly, there are two main account types in Investocopy, i.e. the demo account and the real trading account.

The demo account is the account which can be created totally free of cost. The starters can definitely begin with the demo account and start getting the expert trading signals from professionals.

The real trading account can also be created without any investment. This account type is actually redirected towards the binary brokers and then the account is activated for conducting different investment and real world trades.

The real trading account will definitely enable the users to earn money. Here the account holders have two main options, i.e. either the users can make their own predictions regarding the binary options trading or can simply copy the trading signals of experts and get profitable trades.

The account holders both demo as well as the real trading ones can surely take advantage of the features and characteristics offered by this social network, as seen from our Investocopy review. For all those traders who want to get the real time advantages can refer to the real trading accounts.


How Does Investocopy Work?

Investocopy depends on the fact that it is widely connected network of the binary options traders who can interact and share their trading expertise with each other.

Both the professionals as well as newbies can fully take advantage of Investocopy. One thing must be kept in mind that Investocopy is surely not an online binary options trading service provider platform, rather it is social trading platform which only allows the members to share their trading patterns.

This Investocopy review shows how members can learn expert trading moves and investments not even by investing their own money.

Initially, the traders can create their accounts with the Investocopy. The beginners can refer to the demo accounts and on the other hand, experts can create real trading accounts with Investocopy.

After making the account (the real trading account), the traders will get instant access to the real work binary brokers. The brokers will act as the trading platform and provide users with different binary options trading features like bonus.

The account holders can make their own predictions or simply copy the successful trading patterns of the experts.

The Investocopy regulates the trading signals from top most traders that are selected on the basis of accuracy.

Is Investocopy a Dependable Platform?

From the very start of its launch, Investocopy has been under great controversial arguments. Some call it as a scam, but this statement is not true. Investocopy is a real time social trading platform, offering valid binary options trading assistance to the beginners.

The experts can also take advantage from this platform also. The actual game is started with the real trading account where it is redirected to the binary options brokers. These online brokers are monitored through the regulatory agency which regulates the financial activities of the binary options brokers.

This way it can be concluded that Investocopy is not a scam, but it is providing strong support to the binary options traders who lack experience and knowledge about successful trades.

In a very short time period, Investocopy has become quite famous among the traders in South Africa. The individuals are concluding meaningful trades and learning expert investing practices by copying the pattern of the professionals. A user friendly interface, interesting options and professionally regulated binary options broker features are some main perks of using Investocopy.


Pros of using Investocopy

Investocopy is a platform which doesn’t require the members to invest additional money. Both the demo and real trading account can be used for getting different advantages.

Investocopy is one of the most result-oriented social trading platforms, which is enabling the members to learn and succeed with the help of professional traders. The members can go with the demo account fi they want to practice and learn virtual binary trade options by copying the trading signals of professionals.

Investocopy has networked with some of the top most binary options broker across the world for providing the members with the best. These binary options brokers are further checked and regulated in order to avoid any possible inconvenience to the individuals.

It is possible to create a demo account for conducting virtual binary options trades and learning the expert practices from the professionals. On the other hand, if members want to earn real world money, they can simply start up with the real trading accounts.

Investocopy allows the members to create real trading accounts with the professionally networked binary options brokers. The minimum investment for these accounts ranges in between 200-250 EUR. In this way Investocopy presents a favorable platform for the traders to invest smartly and get a chance to win lots of money in an instant manner.

Investocopy - Review Conclusion