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SignalSamurai Review 2016

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $25
  • Return up to 88%

Established at the start of 2017, a new binary signal provider is called SignalSamurai. SignalSamurai is a sophisticated blend of an advanced, modern technology and human experience.

It was created and designed by a successful Japanese stockbroker Kinjo Oda who designed a specialized trading algorithm which tracks even the slightest change on the market.

He claims to have a long-term knowledge when it comes to trading and which he collected from various financial markets.

Since it is now made available not just globally, but also on the South African market, we have decided to offer all interested traders our SignalSamurai review. In it, we shall try to provide all prospective traders with a clear and detailed account of all the major aspects of this unique binary signal provider.


SignalSamurai in South Africa

Foundation of Signal Samurai is to provide live signals in a timely manner so as to offer the registered traders the opportunity to make monetary gains.

In our SignalSamurai review, we also realized that this trading software solution follows an ancient code of conduct better known as Bushido code. The business aspect of this software is set up as to respect and uphold the ancient demands of Bushido which call for honour, courage, loyalty, veracity, and compassion.

Further inspection of this signal provider in our SignalSamurai review also confirmed that there is no need to download this software as it is possible to do trading straight from the browser.

South African traders only need to carry out the simple login procedure which only demands their password and username, regardless of the device being used as the trading medium so long as it has a steady, reliable internet connection.

Free SignalSamurai Binary Signals

Another important fact we discovered in our SignalSamurai review is that the signals generated by this innovative signal provider are completely free of charge. That means that using the generated signals will not mean any extra expenses for the traders. For all interested South African traders who wish to use this signal provider, the necessary requirement is to make a deposit with one of the connected brokers. In most cases, the minimum deposit is set at/around $250.

Traders need to bear in mind that all withdrawals and deposits are done with a selected binary broker, not SignalSamurai.

When traders combine this piece of information with the fact that the registration procedure is simple and straightforward, the prospect of trading binary options with SignalSamurai becomes that much more appealing.

South African traders will get access to SignalSamurai dashboard once this registration is completed. The next step is for the traders to make the deposit with one of the brokers connected with this signal provider.


SignalSamurai Signal Trading Features

A custom-made control panel of SignalSamurai provides South African traders with a unique, innovative trading experience. There is a fine selection of trading features we found as we conducted our SignalSamurai review. The can be found in My Account Tab:

  • Daily Stop Loss – provides traders with the control over the number of daily trades being carried out
  • Daily Investment Feature – provides traders with the control of the highest amount they wish to invest (from $100 to $10,000)
  • Single Investment

With SignalSamurai, interested South African traders have the opportunity to trade currencies and corresponding underlying assets they may select according to their wish. The main focus with this signal provider is aimed at currencies, hence there are more than 20 currency pair available.

Generated signals are clearly listed in boxes so that traders may have an easy overview.

The boxes listed designate:

  • Direction of an Asset,
  • Expiry Time
  • Trading Amount
  • Broker
  • Confidence Factor
  • Trade Now

The Confidence Factor is a unique feature made available with SignalSamurai and it indicated just how safe a particular signal may be.

This signal provider offers traders the possibility to customize the trading dashboard and adjust all preferences so it is to their liking. Also, South African traders need to know that there is one strategy that is directly after the registration – Shumu Strategy – and it is suitable for all traders no matter their experience.

Bearing in mind all the unique and advanced features incorporated with this signal provider, SignalSamurai appears to be a fine prospect for all interested South African traders.

Apprentice VIP Account with SignalSamurai

In light of just how carefully designed this signal provider is, we were not surprised when our SignalSamurai review discovered they also offer an Apprentice VIP account. As this account contains advanced features which can further improve the quality and profitability of the trading process, South Africans will find it interesting.

To gain access to this account is easy as all South Africans need to do is to make another deposit with the same broker, or one of the other binary brokers available with this signal provider.

This account comes with 2 trading strategies – Kuodo and Ankyo. The algorithm governing the Ankyo strategy track all call and put options separately. By determining the predominant trend, it then generates a trading signal.

The algorithm governing the Ankyo strategy tracks all call and put options separately. By determining the predominant trend, it then generates a trading signal. On the other hand, the Kuodo strategy algorithm is based on the Fibonacci sequence which is used to predict market movements with more accuracy.

In case of any issues or additional questions, South African traders can contact the customer support via handy Live Chat.

SignalSamurai - Review Conclusion