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Trader’s Buddy Software Review 2017

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Trader’s Buddy is the new trading software which is  now available to South African traders who are looking to trade binaries in a slightly different way.

As a 2017 addition to the market, Trader’s Buddy already stands apart with its user-friendly site, plenty of interesting information as well as three distinct aspects of binary trading it provides – automated, semi-automatic and social trading.

In doing so, it aims to appeal to a wide variety of traders no matter the level of their knowledge or trading skill.

Further in our Trader’s Buddy software review, we will point out the most important information South African traders might start using this trading solution.

Trader's Buddy

Trader’s Buddy Registration and Deposit

As the latest generation of trading software, Trader’s Buddy is free and the time necessary to sort out the registration and deposit is brief.

Once South Africans supply the basic info and create their Trader’s Buddy account, the next requirement is to make a deposit with a binary broker.

In our Trader’s Buddy software review, we found that traders make deposits with binary brokers and not the software itself.

After all, Trader’s Buddy is a free software and traders only need to make a deposit which is later used in the trading process. The balance of trader’s account will be shown on the dashboard.

If, at any point, traders wish to deposit more funds, the same account opened on Trader’s Buddy can be used.

This is very handy and there are several binary brokers available with this trading software and South African traders can use the same account to deposit with any of them.

Trader’s Buddy Trading Rooms – South Africa

Another thing we found in the course of our Trader’s Buddy software review, is that South Africans get to choose among three very different trading rooms.

With this binary options trading software, traders are in a unique position to experience social trading, automated trading or semi-automatic trading. South Africans can either use all three trading rooms at the same time or they may use only one.

The point is, they are in control and they get to make all the decisions.

In assuming such a wide scope, Trader’s Buddy does not impose limitations on its registered traders. In the Trading Room tab, South Africans can find all the mentioned trading options. If they really what to try all three options at the same time, then Go Trading is the option they need to select.

Trader’s Buddy Software Auto Trading Feature

Concerning Trader’s Buddy Software trading features, we first examined their Auto Trading mode.

We should also note in this Trader’s Buddy software review that simply because some of the traders in South Africa opt to use the fully automated mode it does not mean they haven’t got control.

In fact, traders can set the risk level they find acceptable.

To activate the Auto Trading, South Africans can simply turn it on with all binary brokers they made the deposit with. Alternatively, they may activate the Auto Trading separately for the individual broker.

South Africans who have registered with Trader’s Buddy and made a deposit will see that they have at their disposal features such as Daily Stop Loss, Daily Budget, Trading Amounts for available underlying assets which number more than 50.

A clever approach to trading binaries is to keep as many underlying assets activated as that will bring in more generated binary signals. Traders can also use three advanced Trading Strategies.

The research we conducted for our Trader’s Buddy software review showed that the three available strategies are Rush Options, Basers and Investo. Again, South Africans may activate only one or trade with all of them at the same time.

As can be deduced from the name, Rush Options provide traders with an extremely short expiry time of only 2 min.

With Basers, South Africans get to trade medium term options with the expiry time of 4h and the Investo strategy is intended for those who prefer long term options.

Here, the expiry time can go up to 3 days. This too points to the fact that Trader’s Buddy software can and does cater to many different trading styles and preferences.

Trader's Buddy

Trader’s Buddy Social and Semi-Automatic Trading Features

Further in this Trader’s Buddy software review, we also inspected available social and semi-automatic trading features.

South Africans who wish to use the semi-automatic trading feature will receive exclusive binary signals which are created according to the current market circumstances.

Yet, the key aspect of semi-automatic binary trading is the added amount of control traders get.

Here, it is possible to either accept or decline the offered trading signals.

Finally, the Social Trading also available with Trader’s Buddy software, is ideal for South African traders who wish to improve their skills and knowledge while simultaneously also make profits. This is the most appealing aspect of Social Trading, for traders to be in a unique position to use the experience and knowledge of other traders.

In observing and copying trades made by other, more experienced traders, South Africans can learn and improve their financial situation at the same time.

Those registered Trader’s Buddy traders who have the highest winning ratio are the ones who become eligible to provide advice on binary options trading to other traders.

In our Trader’s Buddy software review, we also spotted another interesting feature called Pending Orders.

With this fantastic feature, South African traders get to put orders in a queue as those will then be executed later.

Naturally, with this advanced trading software, traders also get a dedicated customer support service which is available 24/7 through a handy and fast live chat.

Our Trader’s Buddy software review showed the enormous earning potential South Africans now have at their disposal.

This free trading software is connected with well-established brokers, has three unique trading rooms which offer different trading experience and interesting features.

And, lastly, around the clock customer support is there to help and provide answers to all potential traders looking to experience different trading in binary options.

Trader's Buddy - Review Conclusion