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Tradioneer Robot Review 2016

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $25
  • Return -

South African traders have the opportunity to use another free trading signal service called Tradioneer.

Tradioneer is suited to be used by South African traders which have trading experience as well as those who are new to the whole trading process.

Automated trading solutions like Tradioneer have swiped the South African market in recent time since traders recognised the fantastic earning potential which comes along with this manner of trading.

Motivated by the growing interest of South African traders, we have decided to present them with our Tradioneer robot review so as to point out the most important elements of this trading software.


Tradioneer – Free Trading Signal Service

As web-based signals trading software, Tradioneer is a 100% free software which is connected to a binary options brokerage.

Tradioneer is a joined project which has been conceived by a group of experienced Forex and binary options traders who have been active since 2008.

By creating Tradioneer they have managed to create a blend of cutting-edge technology with the help of best programmers and their personal experience when it comes to the world of financial trading.

Tradioneer is an automated trading software which is run by sophisticated algorithms which scan the market and analyses current market circumstances to pinpoint favourable trading opportunities.

In order to initiate this investment opportunity, South African traders need to invest the minimum deposit of $250.

How Does Tradioneer Function?

Naturally, in order to put together our Tradioneer robot review, we have first taken a look at their site in general.

It is very simple, effective and straightforward and does not make bombastic claims which can often be found with binary automated software solutions.

There are no misleading proclamations but rather a direct description of what all interested South African traders might expect from this binary robot.

With Tradioneer, binary options trading id done based on the settings provided by the traders and which could lead to lucrative trading results.

The interface itself is simple and user-friendly and South African traders will find they may trade with a selection of underlying assets.

Traders have a fine selection of parameters which they can set in order to improve the possibility to have profitable trades, they can also adjust the settings to their liking. Both these aspects provide traders with a high percentage of control.

Tradioneer is linked to a broker, however, we were not able to find which brokers are linked to this automated robot as none are mentioned on their site.


Is There a Tradioneer Robot Scam?

Wondering about safety issues and whether or not a broker or an automated software is a scam is natural.

South African traders who are interested in this online trading venture should be careful and should do all they can to be informed as much as possible.

As we continued with our Tradioneer robot review we have not encountered any activities which would point to this robot being a scam.

Traders are in control of this trading software and can adjust it to their preference.

Tradioneer Trading Features

As we have already pointed out in our Tradioneer robot review, South African traders are dealing with an automated software they can set up according to their wishes.

The sum of $25 is the lowest investment possible with this robot while the minimum deposit necessary to initiate the trading process is set at the industry average of $250.

Their FAQ section is fairly detailed and interested South African traders can find interesting facts there.

The section which is of special interest to traders is the one concerning trading features which can be used in binary options trading.

  • Auto Trading Mode – enables automated trading and automatic signals execution; traders may switch this on and off at will
  • Trading Asset Chart – depicts the actual asset price movements
  • Trader Sentiment – shows the number of traders which have selected to trade a specific trade option which may be used as an indicator

As is the case with all binary options automated robots, a demo account is not an option with Tradioneer.

In general, demo accounts are seen as useful features which provide traders with the opportunity to test the platform without any risks involved since all demo accounts are funded with virtual rather than real funds.

Trading with Tradioneer Software

South African traders looking to trade with Tradioneer, several steps have to be done for the process to begin.

Luckily, in our Tradioneer robot review, we determined that those steps are simple, straightforward and should not take overly long.

For this automated trading solution to be used, traders first have to go through the registration process in which they will be asked to provide several pieces of info like first and last name, a valid e-mail address as well as a selected password and a phone number.

Once that is done they need to click on “Open Account”.

The next step is to deposit the minimum amount of $250 and then proceed to adjust the Tradioneer settings to their personal preference.

After that, the trading software will do the rest.

When it comes to withdrawals, Tradioneer will automatically point traders to a broker which is connected with the trading software and all withdrawals are executed by the broker rather than Tradioneer.

In case South African traders wish to contact Tradioneer customer support they may do so via email [email protected] or, alternatively, inspect the FAQ section as many most commonly asked questions have been answered there.

Lastly, Tradioneer trading platform is multilingual and as such supports, aside from English, French, Italian and German.

In our Tradioneer robot review, we also determined they do not accept traders from the USA.

Tradioneer - Review Conclusion