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Excellent Binary Signal Providers in South Africa

Excellent Binary Signal Providers in South Africa

When it comes to binary options trading, profits can be expected, but it doesn’t mean traders should rely on luck factor, on the contrary on their knowledge or find an alternative way of investing in binary options.

Therefore, we introduce our readers to binary signal providers in South Africa who offer a different approach to this industry and the way how can South African traders benefit from binary trading.

With the popularity of trading signals and their use with binary robots, on South African appeared several new signal boosting platforms which are created by professionals and suitable for both novice traders and experts.

Read further our binary guide and discover more information about top reviewed binary signal providers on South African market and how can traders benefit from them and increase their income.

Binary Signal Providers – an Alternative Trading Approach

There are many advantages that turn South African traders towards binary signal providers in South Africa. Probably the main benefit is the fact these providers enable traders to have a full control over their trades and entire trading portfolio.

Therefore, signal providers aren’t binary robots where robots place trades according to traders’ settings. With these new signal providers, South Africans get chance to see each trading signal and have option to either accept a signal or refuse it.

Currently, couple of binary signal providers appeared on South African market by providing innovative and useful trading instruments, customized platforms and VIP accounts:

  • BinaryCopier
  • BinarySignalsTrader
  • SignalSamurai

What we noticed with all three signal providers is that they are all completed suitable for inexperienced traders and designed in a way where binary trading doesn’t present any difficulties. The main idea is to generate trading signals with high accuracy and deliver them in real time in order for them to be used properly.

Signals are recommendations from the market which contain crucial information about a specific asset, such as its price, risk level, call or put option and amount of money. When new signal arrives, traders need to decide if as signal seems good enough to accept it.

Explore Trading Hub with BinaryCopier

BinaryCopier is a new signal provider which is available in South Africa and enables traders to experience more simple way of receiving trading signals before they expire. What we learnt from this review is that registration to BinaryCopier is free of charge and requires no download, whereas entire trading process is done from the cloud.

To initiate binary trading with BinaryCopier, South African traders first have to open an account by provide personal info, such as first and last name, email and phone. With registration process completed, traders can get introduced to BinaryCopier Trading Hub; a place where binary options trading happens and where signals are delivered to the traders.

After registration is successful completed, traders will be connected to a binary broker with whom they’ll make a deposit in order to start trading stocks and currencies on BinaryCopier platform. Minimum required deposit is $250 with investment of $25. What traders can expect from returns on profitable trades is maximum 89%.

There are couple of benefits which are available on Trading Hub, such as VIP account with different strategies on traders’ disposal and adjustable risk levels. This is a very helpful tool for beginner traders who can set their own risk level for specific underlying asset. They can choose between Amplify (higher risk) / Equalize (medium risk) / Minimize (lower risk).

Precise Binary Trading Signals with SignalSamurai

From the beginning of 2017, SignalSamurai appeared as an innovative signal provider which is based on Bushido code, by appreciating loyalty and courageous trading on South African market.

SignalSamurai is a free binary signal provider, which requires no costs to open an account with. To register with SignalSamurai, traders have to provide their name, email, password and phone.

With SignalSamurai, traders don’t actually make any payments, instead they do it on the platform of connected binary broker. Minimum deposit is $250, while highest payout which can be achieved goes up to 88% with starting investment of $25.

There are plenty of useful features and trading instruments which could be used in order to enhance binary trading experience and get accurate trading signals and accordingly place a trade. Feature called Daily Stop Loss is an excellent option for novice traders since it enables them to set daily limits for the number of trades per day.

What South African traders can see on SignalSamurai platform is that this signal provider offers an Apprentice VIP account, which is consisted of different set of valuable tools and features, such as Confidence Factor and VIP trading strategies.

Since SignalSamurai generates trading signals, their safety is marked with a specific colour, such as green if a signal is safe to trade with, yellow and red if signal is riskier than average. So if traders aren’t sure whether to accept a signal, they can activate Confidence Factor button and see automatically a risk level of received trading signal.

If South African traders have any questions or unclear information, they can contact SignalSamurai customer support service via live chat or email.

Lucrative Signal Provider in South Africa – BinarySignalsTrader

On South African market, BinarySignalsTrader present itself as a sophisticated binary signal provider which delivers signals in real time with high accuracy. It is easy to trade with and can be a perfect trading solution for novice and expert traders.

Required minimum deposit to trade binaries with a connected broker on this platform is $250, an industry average, while returns can go pretty high, up to 86%. This signal provider is completely free to use and requires no downloads. Also, it is very simple to register and shouldn’t take more than minute or two. South African traders are able to provide following personal details to complete registration: first name, last name, email, password and phone.

Once traders register with BinarySignalsTrader signal provider, they’ll be able to join Premium Account and find more useful trading tools to use in order to achieve a profit from binary options. On BinarySignalsTrader platform, South Africans are able to choose between currencies and stocks.

Alongside with available underlying assets, Premium Account offers plenty of other features which can be chosen to enhance the binary trading journey, including different expiry times, risk levels and two trading strategies. South Africans can choose between trading within 60 seconds, 2 min, 5 min, 30 min and end of day.

Since traders need to decide whether they’ll accept or decline a trade, knowing the risk involved is a valuable feature to have. BinarySignalsTrader enables three levels of risk; low, medium and high. This way, traders can perform those trades according to adjusted risk levels.

In case of any unclarities, traders can turn to their support team via email or live chat. Assistance is available on the dashboard as well, which can be especially useful to novice traders.

Excellent Binary Signal Providers in South Africa
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