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Is CopyOp a Scam?

Is CopyOp a Scam?

Social trading is the latest big boom in binary options industry.

This new phenomenon became very popular on global markets, including South Africa also. For this reason, we decided to review CopyOp as one of the biggest brands as binary social network.

Although trading on social network is slightly different than usual auto trading software, it still enables traders to make trading moves and invest in binary options without previous trading knowledge.

In this part of review, we will provide our readers with info on whether CopyOp scam or is this a legit social trading network.

South African traders should know that this platform is part of AnyOption binary broker.

CopyOp is operated by Ouroboros Derivates Trading Limited.

It works in a way they provide traders to follow professional traders and copy their trades. Traders have an opportunity to use the knowledge of more experienced traders and invest in different assets in order to maximize profit.

We haven’t seen any signs of potential CopyOp scam. Elements that support this is the fact that AnyOption is a regulated trading platform. They obtain FSB license from South Africa (FSP 42020).

Another valuable information that shows there isn’t CopyOp scam yet is that they have listed detailed terms and conditions. Under About CopyOp tab, traders can find expanded version of Privacy, General Terms and Conditions.

To find any needed info, South African traders can use this tab and see that this social trading platform pays a lot of attention to ensure a smooth trading experience. Therefore, this review didn’t show any alerts of potential CopyOp scam.

CopyOp Login

Before CopyOp login, traders first have to create an account. When South Africans click on Sign Up button, a new window will open and traders can select if they want to login with AnyOption account, sign up via Facebook or fill in details on CopyOp platform.

To open an account, traders have to provide following data: first and last name, nickname, email address, phone number and password. Once traders press “I’m Done” button, they will open trading account on CopyOp platform.

For each next time they want to join social platform, they only have to click on CopyOp login.

As mentioned above, traders who already have AnyOption account, do not have to register, they can just click on CopyOp login.

To do that, traders only have to provide username and password. In case of any assistance regarding CopyOp login, traders can click on Support and will be redirected to CopyOp customer support.

Our review showed how both registration and login process are very simple. Traders shouldn’t have to experience any problem. However, if assistance is needed, they can always reach customer support agents.

CopyOp Social Trading

Before we explain how CopyOp network works, we will begin with introduction of what social trading is.

Initially, social trading begin its path in trading currencies. The whole idea of how to create social trading networks and implement it in binary options came from social media.

Since popular networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram revolutionized everyday online communication, it was just a matter of time when this becomes a part of online trading investment.

Nowadays, it is more easier when people interact and want to hear experience of others to see how their opinion differs. Therefore, same can be applied on binary options industry.

South African traders can now rely on trading knowledge of more successful traders and place trades by copying theirs.

It is much easier to make a mistake when you fall trades, done by other more skilled traders. That is by far the most important benefit of CopyOp social trading. Thanks to CopyOp social trading platform and other ones, more and more traders are attracted to this new way of trading online.

CopyOp social trading network was launched in early 2015. They are owned by Ouroboros Derivates Trading Limited, just as AnyOption broker. This social platform is regulated.

Platform is easy to use and provides just enough features and tools for successful execution of trades in binary options. When traders log in to their trading account, they can have an overview of all trades.

They can choose to follow pro traders and copy their trades in order to achieve high payouts. Usually the biggest winners with CopyOp social trading network are regular experienced traders of binary options market. It is also important to mention that copying trades are free of charge.

CopyOp Withdrawal

Our CopyOp review showed us how it is possible to make payments with USD, EUR and GBP. it is important to note that it is not possible to change currency after registration. So that currency has to remain the same as in CopyOp withdrawal.

Regarding CopyOp withdrawal, traders should know that accepted payment methods are: bank wire and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa and American Express). For more details, it is advised to click on My Account under Banking tab.

While reviewing CopyOp, we discovered that there is no minimum CopyOp withdrawal amount. Also, one withdrawal per month is free of charge. However, for each additional CopyOp withdrawal in the same month, fee of $30 will be charged.

To make CopyOp withdrawal, traders first have to submit withdrawal request. Before making any payments, it is required to submit few documents, such as copy of ID card, credit card copy and proof of address.

Is CopyOp a Scam?
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