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Minimum Deposit with Tradorax

Minimum Deposit with Tradorax

Owned by Alpha Capital House Ltd., and operating on South African market since 2012, Tradorax  offers an excellent trading platform  to their South African traders.

Tradorax minimum deposit is $250 which gives access to a useful selection of trading instruments and features to South African traders.

This amount is considered to be competitive in the binary industry so Tradorax tries to offer a useful range of varying tools in order to draw new traders and streamline the trading process.

Once traders invest the minimum deposit with Tradorax, they can take full advantage of experiencing a completely different level of binary trading options.

Trading options are thoroughly adapted to all levels of trading regardless of the traders’ experience or lack of experience in the binary trading business. Later can be easily remedied by investing some time into Tradorax Educational Center which contains all the viable binary options trading info.

Depending on their minimum deposit amount, South African traders can get various trading accounts with Tradorax.

If South African traders should have any additional questions concerning Tradorax minimum deposit they are welcomed to contact their customer support via live chat which is available to traders 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Traders can also utilize email or phone options in order to get in touch with Tradorax.

How to Use Tradorax App?

The moment traders start perusing Tradorax trading platform they will encounter a great range of different features they can use to their trading benefit.

One of the most popular services which this broker has on offer is their Tradorax app.

The greatest advantage of Tradorax app, is, naturally, being able to trade binary options regardless of traders’ current location or computer connection. Trading binary options in real time is additional benefit for South African traders if they opt to use Tradorax app which is simple, efficient and easy to use.

Easily downloaded from Google Play, Tradorax app is applicable to tablets as well as smartphones so traders are not limited by the type of mobile/tablet they wish to use for their trading.

More than 100 different assets are open to South African traders using Tradorax app and those assets include currencies, commodities and a variety of stocks.

Trade options such as Boundary, One Touch, High/Low are available to be used and if traders also want to keep track of their trading history all they have to do is look under Trading History menu on Tradorax app and they can find out all the details about their previous binary option trading business.

Tradorax Demo Account

All features and services which might facilitate the trading process of binary options are more than welcome, especially for traders who are new to the trading business.

For this particular reason, implementing demo accounts on their platforms is a relatively frequent option for brokers.

Having a reputation of not only being a diverse trading platform, Tradorax is also known for their wide offering on trading tools and features. Tradorax demo account, so far, is not among those features.

While implementation of Tradorax demo account has yet to be done, there are other ways South African traders can use to their benefit.

One such option is their extensive, in-depth Educational Center which contains:

  • Video library
  • Trading basics
  • FAQ
  • How to trade
  • Glossary
  • Economic calendar
  • Binary options trade
  • Trading psychology

Therefore, the lack of demo account on Tradorax platform should, in no way, present difficulties for South African traders since the education materials Tradorax offers are more than sufficient for traders to get acquainted with different tips and tricks on how to master their trading skills.

Checking out Tradorax review and taking some time and care to study their platform and tools on offer are certain to yield great trading results for South African Traders.

Tradorax Login

Any kind of trading business cannot commence without some basic steps. One of those is a simple login. So, in order to get access to Tradorax trading platform, authentic Tradorax login is required.

The process itself is simple, easy and should not cause problems to South African traders. If any problems appear during this process, traders just need to contact Tradorex customer support team on live chat and they will give them all the assistance necessary, or, optionally, you can send your query via simple form which frequently pops up in the corner, on left-hand side.

On the right-hand side traders will find a short form where they have to register and create their account by providing their first and last name, country of origin, phone number, currency and email address. Currencies on offer for South African traders are: EUR, GBP, USD, JPY and RUB .

Once the registration process in finished, traders from South Africa can begin their binary options trading business by choosing between long or short term trade options.

All activities and transactions traders wish to execute on Tradorax platform demand login, so they simply type in their username and password.

All this is made even easier since Tradorax platform offers not only the English language option, but also German and Russian language options too.

Minimum Deposit with Tradorax
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