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Opteck Demo Account

Opteck Demo Account

Opteck is a popular binary options broker, present on South African market since 2011. In the past several years, they continue to bring an innovative strading platform to traders in South Africa. Platform is consisted of many features and trading instruments that can lead traders to profit gain.

Opteck demo is by far one of the most searched and popular services on its trading platform. It enables traders to try out different strategies and tools that can be profitable when used in trading binary options in real account.

Traders should know that trading binary options on Opteck demo is very simple actually. Traders can try out how trading platform looks like and place trades without any risk of losing money. This means how traders can’t lose any money since they don’t invest own real money but instead they use Opteck virtual money.

Opteck demo makes it available for traders to improve their trading skills and be more successful than before. This is especially important for South Africans who are new to binary options trading.

They can practice and get the “feel” of how real trading will unfold.

To be able to use Opteck demo, traders need to be logged in to the platform. While reviewing Opteck, we discovered they fund demo account with $10000 of virtual money.

South Africans should know that on Opteck demo, they can use a whole set of different tools and features, just as on regular web-based platform. Traders can choose if they want to practice by investing in different stocks, commodities, currencies and indices.

We always recommend traders to contact account manager to get detailed information about how to use Opteck demo and what trade options are available. Opteck demo is common choice for inexperienced traders who lack trading experience and yet want to be professional binary options traders on South African market.

Opteck Trading Room

Opteck brokerage company is often choice for South African traders. Reason for that might lie in a fact they use own proprietary platform that is very easy to use for both new traders and po traders.

To get access to Opteck trading room, traders have to make a deposit of $250. Opteck offers maximum return of 85%. Traders can explore Opteck platform and see what features can be used to earn more money in binary options trading.

For this review, we learnt that Opteck offers following trade options: High/Low, 60 Seconds, One Touch and Range Options. Each trade should have its expiration time, which can be from 30 s and 5 min to 30 min and 1 hr.

All these options can be performed in Opteck trading area, regardless if we are talking about demo or real account.

Another reason why Opteck broker is proud of themselves is the fact they invest great effort to provide excellent security measures on their trading platform. To achieve that, Opteck uses RapidSSL encryption technology to ensure traders that their funds are safe.

In case of any questions regarding Opteck trading area or any other segment of trading platform, traders can reach customer support service. Their customer support agents are responsive and traders will be happy to get instant answer on their question.

Opteck App

Thanks to great improvements in technology industry, nowadays more and more brokers have implemented mobile application. Opteck has also prepared application for mobile trading intended for registered traders.

Mobile trading has many benefits that are especially attractive to traders on the go. Therefore, there is an increasing number of South African traders who trade binary options on Opteck app. This Opteck app can be found in both Google Play and Apple Store. This way, app is available for large number of traders who use smartphones and tablets also and not only computers.

We can actually say that mobile trading is a step forward in binary options trading. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise why many brokers, Opteck included, decided to add mobile app on its trading platform.

Another great feature we noticed on Opteck platform is the fact they offer online guide for Android and Apple users. This guide can greatly assist traders to start using Opteck app and see how simple it is to trade binary options on the go.

In recent years, an increased number of traders use their smartphones to trade binary options or search some needed information. This can easily be the reason of Opteck app appearance on South African market.

Traders should know that they can use a variety of features on Opteck app, just as they could do it on web-based platform. A wide range of assets and tools are available on this Opteck app and when used properly, they can lead to a profit gain and that is the most important thing for all registered South African traders.

Opteck Login

Opteck enables South African traders an easy to use platform for pleasant and profitable binary options trading experience.

In this part of review, we will provide readers with details on how to make Opteck login and get access to trading platform.

In upper part of the platform, traders can see fields for Opteck login and registration. In case traders don’t have login already, they need to register on Opteck platform first. South Africans have to provide several general information to this broker, such as: email, password, first and last name and phone. Also, traders have to click on I accept T & C.

Once account is created, for each next time, traders only have to click on Opteck login and their access to trading platform will be granted. Later on, they should make a deposit to begin trading options.

However, to make any payments, several documents should be submitted to authorize trading account, such as credit card copy, proof of address and government issued ID card.

With Opteck login, traders can use a set of tools to improve trading skills and decide whether they want to invest in short term or long term trade options. Also, our Opteck review shows how it is possible to use Opteck app or first practice trading on demo account.

Once they feel confident enough, they can choose to deposit with one of 6 trading accounts. Each account type has own set of trading characteristics, that depend of invested deposit amount.

Opteck Demo Account
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