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Trader’s Buddy South Africa

Trader’s Buddy South Africa

What is Trader’s Buddy?

On South African market, Trader’s Buddy comes as a new trading software in binary options, which is consisted of several important segments concerning online investment.

We present this software to our South African readers as a new way for them to trade binaries and potentially gain money.

It is important to note how with Trader’s Buddy South Africa, no download is required. Entire trading process can be done online, when traders open their account.

Trader’s Buddy South Africa enables traders to perform trades in different ways, such as via social trading platform and semi-automatic trading opportunity. This semi-auto trading is a novelty on binary financial market and Trader’s Buddy will show the traders how to use it.

Trader’s Buddy South Africa – Is it a Good Choice?

To interested traders, Trader’s Buddy South Africa present itself as an innovative trading platform on which it is simple to trade on. Also, Trader’s Buddy experts created this software having beginners in mind and therefore, it is suitable for both professional and novice traders.

With Trader’s Buddy, South Africans are introduced to three types of trade options:

  • Rush Options – trading with expiry time up to 2 minutes; both manual and automated trading available
  • Baser Options – medium risk trading with expiry up to 4 hours
  • Investo Options – long term trade options with expiration time up to 3 business days

With these trade options listed, traders are able to select preferred one according to their plans and strategy. Some traders prefer more riskier trades and that is why they will most likely go with Rush Options.

On the other hand, more experienced traders prefer to trade on long term and that is why they have option to select Investo on Trader’s Buddy software.

Social Trading with Trader’s Buddy South Africa

Opportunity to trade binary options on Trader’s Buddy software is just one of two valuable benefits traders might encounter on this trading platform.

Social trading enables a great alternative for inexperienced traders who can follow professional and skilled binary options traders and copy their trades.

Of traders switch Social Trading button on, they’ll receive tips from expert traders regarding numerous underlying assets.

South Africans are required to choose couple of them to follow and see how is their trading performance. If is ends up with high winning ratio, traders can be certain they have selected a corrected pro traders. Once they copy their trades, traders can simply apply them in their own trades.

Semi-Automated Trading with Trader’s Buddy Software

When investing in binary options, it is everybody’s plan to trade profitably with minimum risk. To achieve that, semi-automatic trading can greatly help traders by providing useful trading instruments.

With activated semi-automatic mode, South African registered traders will be able to receive the latest trading signals. By being in touch with current market trends and situation of different assets, traders can stay updated and be informed in which assets to invest in.

So what does semi-automatic means? It basically allows traders to receive signals, but if they don’t want to accept it, they aren’t obligated. So they can ignore until new trading signal arrives which can be accepted.

Trading semi-automatic way on Trader’s Buddy South Africa software enables traders to have full control over their portfolio and opportunity to choose if they want to use an offered signal or not. It is an excellent option for beginner traders who lack trading knowledge and by having control over available signals, they build up their confidence.

Trader’s Buddy Education as an Important Trading Segment

Education is one of main elements which differs novice traders from experts and by expanding knowledge, South Africans can improve their trading skills and become better in the trading process. Under Education Center, traders can discover more valuable tips under video tutorials and and guides, which explain in-depth trading analysis.

In case traders stumble upon any issue or want to have more info, they can check also FAQ tab or contact customer support agents, who are online 24/7.

Assistance is available via live chat or email.

Trader’s Buddy South Africa
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