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VIP Account Benefits of Binary Options Robot

VIP Account Benefits of Binary Options Robot

It is unlikely that South African traders participating in the binary options market haven’t heard about Binary Options Robot.

This exceptional binary options trading solution made its mark virtually from the first moment it appeared and it continues to appeal to traders not just in South Africa but across the globe.

The appeal of this accredited binary trading software is a combination of a sophisticated but user-friendly trading software which enables traders the absolute control.

Furthermore, South African traders do not need to pay any extra fees to use it. The software is also suitable even for newbie traders.

Still, this is just the surface. The whole picture comes together only when traders realise the amazing VIP account benefits of Binary Options Robot.

VIP Account Benefits of Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot is a unique binary trading system which stands apart from the rest of similar trading solutions available on the market.

Firstly, this is a free trading software and South African traders only have to make a deposit with one of the supported binary brokers in order to initiate the trading process.

Additionally, the software is entirely web-based so traders do not have to bother with tiresome downloads. Binary Options Robot also provides traders with more than 50 underlying assets and a simple dashboard.

This is also a trading system which traders customise according to their needs and wishes. There are two important options to use – Daily Stop Loss where they set the daily trade amount. Also, there is Max Daily Trades where traders select the number of traders per day the Robot can place.

However, it is the VIP account benefits of Binary Options Robot that actually put everything into perspective for interested traders.

To be able to use their VIP account, all South Africans need to do is register and make a deposit with one of the connected binary brokers. The moment the deposit is made, traders have fulfilled the conditions to use VIP account benefits of Binary Options Robot.

Before they can use the VIP account, South African traders will just have contact Robot customer support service which will activate the account. And that is it – no extra charge, no extra fuss or any sort.

South African traders are then free to explore all VIP account benefits of Binary Options Robot have to offer. And the list is a lengthy one.

There are three distinct trading features contained within the VIP account – Risk Level feature, Trading Strategies Feature and Expiry Times feature.

Risk Level Feature

With this feature is especially appealing to newbie traders who have very little or no experience at all and are afraid of losing funds. That is why the risk level is ideal as it provides 4 different risk levels.

South African traders may select the one which is the most acceptable to them. Most traders begin with low-risk levels and slowly progress upwards. With low-risk levels, the number of generated binary signals will be fewer but the suggested traders will be those which are the safest.

Additionally, the profits will also be lower but these trades have the highest probability of being successful.

Trading Strategies Feature

This is the feature which best depicts VIP account benefits of Binary Options Robot since it contains 5 different trading strategies. Each of the strategies is unique and it also has its own algorithm which carries signals generated on the basis of market analysis.

The five strategies available with the Robot are Capital Gain Cue, Wise Growth Strategy, Perfect Pitch Method, High Yield Systems and Order Flow.

In fact, Order Flow strategy has been added only recently which further proves just how much effort is constantly being put in this binary trading solution.

For Robot to work, South African traders need to select at least one strategy. However, that is not the limit as more than one can be activated which will mean more generated signals and that could influence the profits positively.

Expiry Times Feature

Finally, South African traders also have the expiry times feature which offers two options – 60 seconds and Daily Trades. The logic behind this feature is to provide all registered traders with the opportunity to trade both shorter and longer expiry times.

Traders are different and enjoy different manners of trading. The risk level is higher with 60 seconds expiry times but so are the profits. Accordingly, with longer expiry times which are offered in Daily trades, risks are lower.

Traders simply need to find what works best for them.  

Is There Binary Options Robot Scam?  

However, even with all the VIP account benefits of Binary Options Robot as well as other advantages, some traders still might fear is there Binary Options Robot scam.

This is normal, especially considering the number of binary robots on the market. And, after all, scam happens.

However, what South African traders need to consider are simple but irrefutable facts about this binary robot.

First of all, this is a free binary options trading solution which becomes available to them the moment they make a deposit with one of the connected brokers.

Secondly, this binary trading software does not require any downloads. Instead, traders need to be logged into their account and online for the binary trading system to be active which provides South African traders control.

Yet, to ensure that South African traders needn’t wonder is there Binary Options Robot scam they have introduced a new feature – Auto Trade Approval. With this feature, traders have the absolute control over this innovative binary trading software.

The Auto Trade Approval actually notifies the trader that the algorithm calculated possible profitable trades based on the settings traders have set. But, it is the trader that has to approve or decline the signal. Hence, absolutely nothing happens unless the trader gave the final yes.

Considering the fact that this binary software is completely controllable by traders as well as the numerous VIP account benefits of Binary Options Robot, it is easy to conclude that there is no scam activity involved.

VIP Account Benefits of Binary Options Robot
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