79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs or binary options. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Binary Options Demo Account South Africa

When South Africans first start binary options trading, they will certainly be overwhelmed with lots of trading types, features, strategies, rules and terms used on a particular trading platform.

This affects not only beginners but also the veteran traders in the binary market when they change from one broker to another as each broker normally offer unique feature and trading type from another.

Binary options demo account was introduced into the market around 2012 in order to help traders master trading process, the features and other trading tools used on the trading platform. 

However, there are plenty of traders who still ask what binary options demo account is and are not aware of the benefits of using one.

In this guide, South African traders will find relevant information which will explain the benefits of using the binary options demo account and why it is not wise to skip this step.

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Benefits of Binary Options Demo

If South Africans are thinking of trading binaries, using the benefits of the binary options demo account is one of the best ways to start.

Demo account, depending on the broker or trading platform you selected, will offer traders perfect surroundings to test, practice and improve their trading skills. 

This is ideal as that way traders will begin their binary options trading with more confidence and deeper understanding of the trading process.

We advise binary traders in South Africa to invest their time and effort into using the demo account as much as possible. This could prove to be a valuable investment with direct impact on future trading results.

That is why binary options demo should be among the criteria to consider when South Africans start searching for a suitable binary options broker.

Binary Options Broker Demo Account

When South African traders begin their binary trading journey opting to use binary brokers who offer demo account is a better approach.

There are plenty binary brokers who offer demo accounts on their trading platforms. These established brokers are well-known and have been present on the South African market for a long period of time.

Additionally, these brokers provide high-quality services for their registered traders in terms of selection of underlying assets, trade options and other features.

Quality brokers will also make sure they have professional and responsive customer support service.

Binary Options Free Practice Account

Binary options demo accounts were having in mind many newbie traders who have little or no trading knowledge at all.

When binary trading appeared on the market in 2008 it immediately attracted loads of interest, both in South Africa and around the world.

It is easy to understand why. The profits are attractive and the trading process, compared to some other modes of financial trading is rather simple. It is also very diverse and handy.

However, just because trading binary is simple it does not directly translate to – no learning necessary!

Thankfully, top binary brokers soon recognised the need to further help their registered traders by not only creating great educational sections but also offering demo accounts.

As we already pointed out, depending on the selected binary broker, demo accounts can be exact copies of the real trading account or a simpler version of the one. Whatever the case might be, de

Whatever the case might be, demo accounts for skill improvement is a unique trading future South Africans should use.

After all, where else will traders be in a position to engage in the trade process without any fear of losing funds?

Because that is the basis of the binary options demo account – you cannot lose funds because you are practising with virtual money.

Binary Options Trial Account

Depending on the binary broker, some will provide the demo account without the need to make the minimum deposit while with others traders will have first make the deposit.

The point is, South Africans can test various underlying assets, the options, strategies and expiry times before they make the big step and start trading in the real live trading account.

If they use the amazing benefits of binary options demo account they will enter the world of trading binaries with more confidence, more knowledge and better overall understanding. All these elements can have a profound impact on the results of binary trading.

With the demo account, traders can also learn how to keep their emotions under control if the are is not going in the desired direction.

They can also try and come up with a trading plan and they applying that on the demo account first.

By combining the use of the binary options demo account and available educational materials a great info South Africans can find on sites like Binarytrading.co.za it is easier to secure healthy profits.

Bottom line is that South African traders can experience risk-free environment with the demo account.

Naturally, as binary trading is very diverse, traders can use other trading features and tools like mobile trading apps for trading on the go.

Or, alternatively, they can even have a go with trading software like Binary Options Robot, which could further simplify binary options trading.

No matter what South African traders end up selecting, using a binary broker who provides demo account is a fantastic start. and much easier one too.

When usage of the binary options demo account South Africa is paired with fantastic features like mobile trading app and selection of trading materials available online and on broker platforms, the trading process not only becomes easier but can be much more profitable as well.