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FX-Advisor Review 2023

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Use FX-Advisor and trade with regulated brokers!

FX-Advisor is a special service that helps traders find a reliable platform that suits their needs. In the world of online trading, where traders are often overwhelmed with information, offers, complicated terms and conditions, it is of crucial importance to find the company you can trust, while avoiding scams and internet frauds at the same time. This is why we decided to write this FX-Advisor review.

FX-Advisor is not a broker or a trading robot, but a service that connects traders to the best FX and CFD brokers. One of the main benefits of FX-Advisor is that it immediately recognizes what is the best broker for your country, so you don’t have to waste time on thorough research. FX-Advisor review showed, how there are plenty of brokers available for South African traders, and not only you get a broker with a reliable platform and great customer service, but additional educational materials as well.

One of the main benefits of the FX-Advisor is that it connects traders to reputable and regulated brokers who have already established themselves as industry leaders.

If you want to find out more, make sure to read our FX-Advisor review.

FX-Advisor Account Features

Having a trading account that suits their needs is often the very first goal of most traders. Many brokers have a vast selection of different account types, while others offer only one account type.

The main issue when selecting a trading account is that traders either have to deposit larger amounts to unlock all features available on the trading interface. The price of the most advanced account can go as high as $25,000. On the other hand, some brokers will offer you the same features and level of service no matter whether you deposit $250 or $250,000, which is really unfair.

FX-Advisor will connect traders to best brokers on the market who have low minimum deposits and great account features at the same time. With FX-Advisor you won’t have to deposit your monthly wage just to get access to tools, as this service offers only reputable and reliable brokers. The minimum deposit never exceeds $250, and you can be sure you will trade with a solid broker.

FX-Advisor makes sure that you are connected to a broker that will offer great service and account selection whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. All brokers available for South African traders have reasonable trading conditions, a great range of leverage available, reasonable minimum trading amounts and spreads. Considering how these brokers operate in a transparent way and have licensed status, they help traders feel safe and protected as they are trading in a regulated environment.

FX-Advisor Demo account

Demo account is one of those features that can either make or break a deal with the broker. FX-Advisor made sure to give all traders the opportunity to trade on a demo account before they trade real money. Demo account is a great feature as it allows beginners to learn and test different tools and features, while more experienced traders can easily test their trading strategies. This can help traders learn about the trading interface in the most practical way, and under real trading conditions. Also, they never risk their money when trading in demo mode.

Demo accounts are equipped with a certain amount of virtual money, you can use to place trades and do your research. South African traders are no exception to this rule – with FX-Advisor you get a broker with a free demo account that will provide you a better insight into the world of trading.

FX-Advisor Trading Software

Modern traders prefer to trade a great variety of assets. FX-Advisor understands that and connects them to brokers who offer a whole range of trading assets – forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, and commodities.

Another important request most modern-day traders have is a reliable and user-friendly trading platform. No one wants to spend days and hours trying to figure out how to place a trade. FX-Advisor will connect traders to brokers who are using the most advanced, reliable and user-friendly platforms that offer a variety of trading possibilities. This is important, as some traders might have more experience and simply wish to trade in a different way, while beginners need a more straightforward platform.

FX-Advisor took all these factors into consideration and decided to give traders three choices:

  • Web trading for beginners
  • Metatrader 4 platform for advanced traders
  • Mobile trading for those on the go

This gives every trader an opportunity to find a platform that suits him best. It is not very motivating to trade on a platform that doesn’t fit your trading style, but thanks to FX-Advisor you can easily trade in a way that will help you fulfill your potential.

Let’s find out more about every type of platform.

Web Trader for Beginners

Web trader is a platform that doesn’t require a download and an installation on your personal computer. You simply access it with your login details directly from the preferred web browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari). Your trading account will be there waiting for you, and all you need is a reliable internet connection.

Web-based platforms are usually very straightforward and easy to use which makes them top choice for beginners all over the world. FX-Advisor review showed how easy it can be to access the web-platform. Just log in, and your trading interface will open in the browser, ready for you to start using it.

MetaTrader4 for Professionals

MetaTrader 4 or MT4 is the most popular trading platforms among intermediate and advanced traders. It is a complete trading solution that offers a great number of tools, features, strategies and other add-ons that can make trading more exciting than ever before. MT4 really takes trading to the next level. Also, MT4 platform allows traders to select a language they prefer which makes trading even more convenient. Metatrader 4 platform can be used on personal computer, laptop or a mobile phone and tablets.

One of the main reasons why this platform is so popular among advanced and professional traders is that it offers a great range of tools for the most customized trading experience possible.

Mobile App for Trading on the Go

Let’s face it – most people nowadays don’t have time to sit in front of the computer and place trades, as they have everything they need in their mobile phone. That is why so many traders prefer mobile trading apps that are suitable for both professional traders and beginners. With mobile trading app you never have to miss a trade as you can react at the right time, and can follow your progress no matter where you are.

FX-Advisor Education

In the past, most people believed how online trading is only guessing, but nowadays even complete beginners understand that to perfect trading, trading, it takes time and education.

FX-Advisors always accentuated the importance of proper education. That doesn’t mean you have to graduate business school, but understanding elements of trading, the behavior of certain assets and all the terminology can greatly affect your trading.

FX-Advisor took a lot of effort to find brokers with exclusive online educational materials that can help you improve. Remember, a good broker doesn’t only have a good set of assets and a modern interface, but good support in the form of education as well.

Here are some of the most popular forms of education when it comes to online trading:

  • Exclusive webinars
  • Video tutorials
  • Daily reports and news
  • Educational articles

All this will be available just for you if you register with FX-Advisor.

In order to remind you of the importance of being up to date with the latest news, FX-Advisor will send you email notifications with fresh news and introduce you to trends in trading. Don’t ignore these useful emails, as they will help you get familiar with market movements on a daily basis.

Customer Support

All this sounds nice and dandy, but what about the customer support? Customer support is essential element that reliable and regulated brokers take very seriously. Good and professional customer support agents that offer concise answers to your questions and are familiar with all procedures are something no trader should ignore. Customer support can help you gather all the information you need, but won’t intervene to the trading process.

Payment Methods

There are two questions that bother all traders.

  1. What deposit methods are available?
  2. How can I make a withdrawal?

Traders who have encountered bad and unprofessional brokers know how frustrating this can be, but with FX-Advisor there is no place to worry. FX-Advisor holds to their promises and give traders a chance to execute deposits and withdrawals in an easy and convenient way.

FX-Advisor service managed to find a broker with reasonable withdrawal conditions, and who process your withdrawal requests in a reasonable time. While scam brokers always find a reason to deny your withdrawal, these brokers will give you reasonable withdrawal conditions and you will have your money within a few days after the request is sent.

Is FX-Advisor a Scam?

FX-Advisor is a service we have long been waiting for and definitely not a scam! With this unique service, traders can skip hours and hours of research and possible encounters with scam brokers that pop up every once in a while. Also, traders will immediately be connected with a broker that is best for their country that offers the best trading experience with superior support and educational programs. With FX-Advisor, traders can enter the world of online trading with all the support they need.