79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs or binary options. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

How to Master Binary Trading

What is ultimate traders’ goal in binary options trading – to maximize profit, of course? To achieve exactly that and avoid issues or scam activity, we decided to provide our readers with a guide which will reveal the best tips on how to master binary options trading.

The binary industry is popular around the world, including South African market where a lot of people find binary trading as their way to participate on the financial market, invest in a variety of underlying assets and earn money while doing so. Traders in South Africa have on disposal regulated and safe brokers to trade with, alongside a wide range of different trading instruments and services.

There are two proven ways how to you can perfect binary trading:

  1. follow an expert trader, or
  2. take a specialist course.

But these two will not work until you manage your day to day trading routine by following few principles. There are a few things you should keep in mind to become a better trader.

Sufficient knowledge is the key to success in any type of trading. Successful binary traders in South Africa know about the fundamentals of binary trading concepts, such as strike price, expiry time, at the money, in the money, and out the money. Trading without the research and knowledge is just like flying a plane without knowing to fly and ultimately it will crash. Therefore, before trading, you should get knowledge about it.

Choose your broker very carefully, because you will more dependent upon the broker, and your broker is only one person who helps you to get profits. You should do little research while choosing a broker because trading markets are crowded with the scammers. Read some reviews and opinions about the broker on different forums. It is a safe and better way to filter out the brokers in the beginning stages and makes you understand, how to perfect binary trading. Do not get attracted to the bonuses and offer of the broker, it will force you to sign a broker without the research and knowledge.

You should use demo accounts before start binary trading. Many traders do not use demo accounts and not understand the true importance of demo accounts. Through the help of demo accounts, you can learn how to perfect binary trading. You should have to consider the demo accounts as a practice tool, where you can try different strategies and find out a strategy that is best for you. There are not real funds in the demo account that’s why it does not matter how many times you fail.

If you are facing difficulty in projecting the future movement of prices then you should get help from the automatic traders or technical indicators. It will trade on your behalf by the usage of algorithms until you get better at projecting the future movements of prices.

Build a professional mindset and monitor your failure and success. Through monitoring failure and success, you will feel that you are mastering binary trading, and what strategy works for you, as well as what predictions you are benefiting the from from. This will allows you to learn from your inaccuracies. Use those strategies that are working for you and giving profits to you and keep using them.

Binary options tips

These binary options tips will help you to do trading in a better way. Binary options are far easier to understand than other investments and they are comparatively straightforward. If you are looking forward to binary options trading then these binary options tips are for you.

Binary options tip #1 – Select a broker

The trading of binary options is done by the online broker. While choosing a broker, confirm that the broker is regulated by financial authorities. Find a broker who prints their satisfaction rates, if they fail to print then it means data is not mainly satisfying.

Binary options tip #2 – Stay updated

Staying updated is one of the binary options tips which are important to consider when you are trading, you should have to know about the market and its developments. You can only project the effects on the market by staying on top of world events that are modeling them. One way to stay updated is to read the newspaper and financial magazines in the morning, but the market is evolving 24 hours so, for intraday trading, you need constant access.

Binary options tip #3 – Set a budget

There are chances to turn a profit when you are trading binary options but profit is not guaranteed. Therefore, betting any money that you are not willing to lose is not a good idea. Never invest any money for your rent, savings, or for your food. You should only bet that money which is purely disposable income. You have to set a budget for the trading and stick to it, that how you can protect yourself from losing a big amount of money.

Binary options tip #4 – Set a trading schedule

Last but not least binary options tip is setting a trading schedule in the daily routine. You have to treat binary options trading as a business, you need to invest time and your knowledge on it. You will need to take time out for the research of the market and its trends. If you are a working individual then morning time will be best for you, but you have to remain committed. There is no catch to wake up five minutes early than usual and not plan and research your trades.

Before placing your money in any trade, get up early and research for your trades and get knowledge about the binary options trading market. Make sure that you have enough information about the assets you are going to trade. Never trade on the anonymous tip because they are rarely proved to be right.

Binary trading tips

It is comparatively easy to make money from binary trading South Africa but it requires a lot of practice, responsibility, and understanding. There are many tools, tips, and tricks that can make you a better binary trader, few of the binary trading tips are following through which you can master the binary trading without the need to use catchy indicators.

Know the right tools and binary trading market

One thing you should remember that binary trading is just like any other type of trading model. You have to study it properly. To better project what will happen to any instrument, you have to understand how the economy works, then you will be able to turn your bet into profits. Many tools can help you as a trader to succeed, knowing those tools, and how to accurately use them can make a successful trader.

Binary trading requires practice

You should know that binary trading requires practice, more you practice more you get successful, and when it comes to actual trading you need funds. This binary trading tip says that you should willing to spare some money for binary trading practice and you can afford this money to lose. Many brokers are offering demo accounts, through which you can practice binary trading without losing actual money because demo accounts have not actual funds.

Choosing “interacting” binary trading assets

This binary trading tip helps you to protect yourself from overall loss. There are interacting assets that affect each other performance. For example, EUR/USD has an inverse impact on each other. When the EUR goes up, then the USD goes down and vice versa.

You should have to avoid placing a bet on the USD that it will go up as well as the EUR will also go up. It is impossible to win both bets, most probably you will lose one bet and win another, and there are chances that you get an overall loss.

Explore binary trading bonuses

One of the most important binary trading tips. While selecting a broker, it is one of the major trading tricks that bonuses are offering the broker. You take full advantage of the bonus, for instance, some traders use the bonus funds to try different assets and strategies. You can also allocate this bonus fund to different assets and see how you would trade with your funds. The risk associated with this money is less because it is bonus money and you can use it for self-improvement.

How to master binary options

Binary options are less complicated and a quick way to trade than the traditional forex trading. That’s why many traders are attracted to binary options. A trader can lose money a huge amount of money over a small period and win a huge amount of money over a small period as well. Emotional control, knowledge, and experience are the factors for successful trading. Binary options are famous for many reasons and how to master binary options, by simply following this simple guide.

  • Limit your expectations

Many beginners dream of getting rich over a short period and they get discouraged when the opposite of their dream happens. Binary options are just like gambling but all traders have to go “all in” with each other. There is no way to drive off other players. You can only get success through the research and experience. You should set goals that are realistic and attainable in a limited timeframe. That’s why limit your expectations and stick to them.

  • Use the technical analysis

Even skilled traders cannot forecast with certainty that what will happen with an instrument in the future. To master binary options you need to get the help from technical analysis, it is a better way to predict the trends and market. Pattern recognition can also help you in the binary options trading, in the form of candlestick formation. For the short timeframes, the fundamental analysis also proved its worth.

  • Invest in alert service

If you want to start trading as a profession and want to master binary options then you might invest in the signal/alert service that can help you to get possible opportunities. Many software robot providers are claiming to be authentic, but they are just ordinary scammers. The authentic one depends on the tested software algorithms that specify when a certain investment instrument moves. The majority of reliable trading software provide free binary trading signals.

  • Develop a step by step strategy

You need to have a trading plan to master binary options because emotions can create confusion and extinguish your deposit account. You need to develop a step by step strategy that how you will trade in the market. It can be crucial to learn how to know what is the best time to trade binary options in South Africa. There is no need to create a whole plan on your own, with the help of search engines you can review many strategies and select one, which works best for you. Stick to a plan, set your age aside, and you can be one of those who are successful in the binary options.

How to trade options in South Africa

Options in South Africa are becoming more popular and more investors are seeking to trade options. Trading in South Africa is perfectly legal and nothing forbids an individual from trading options. However, the options industry is unregulated which means that no protection is being offered to the traders. It also stops the companies from brokering. So, how to trade options in South Africa?

Deals and bonuses

If you are a beginner in the trading then you must look for a broker, who offers a no deposit bonus. This will allows you to try before the actual buying and learn some skills. You can also take advantage of the matched deposit bonuses and the trading contest to polish your skills and helps you to trade options in South Africa.

Mobile trading tools

Most traders want to trade on the go, that’s why it is important to see, what binary trading apps brokers offer. The mobile app should be suitable for your mobile device whether it is Android or iOS. Because there are very few regulated local brokers in South Africa and you will be using the services of off-shore brokers. If you are looking for a regulated binary trading company South Africa, consider reading our CMTrading Review South Africa. This broker is operated by Blackstone Marketing Proprietary Limited which holds the South African FSB license # 38782.

Free demo accounts

A free demo account is important for many reasons. It allows you to get aware of the trading platform that you will be going to use. There are reloadable demo accounts in which you can try trade types and new assets. The legal way to trade options in South Africa is to use an off-shore broker. Find an off-shore broker, who offers all benefits and mentioned above, anything else that seems difficult to you, and license-holder. Read our IQ Option South Africa review to learn how to gain access to the best demo account on the market.

Choose the right strategy

You should always remain organized and strategic. Find out those ways, which make your trading easy and attractive to you. For instance, create a routine and schedule, when to trade, and match it when the market is more profitable. Do not invest in various instruments at the same time. Make a plan and money management strategy for the maximization of profits

The widespread presence of options trading in South Africa

A great thing about options is that it is possible to trade binary options in a regular way (with a binre broker) or via automated trading software South Africa with high winning ratio.

Regardless of the options South Africans select, a variety of features and trading instruments are available for traders to use it. For example, practicing trading on demo account, double the trade or even experience trading on mobile application.

However, with binary robots, traders can experience binary auto trading where the software itself trades binary options on behalf the trader. On Binary Options Robot software, traders in South Africa can use features such as Max. Daily Trades or Daily Stop Loss to minimize risk exposure.

Since binary trading South Africa is basically trading with just two possible outcomes (yes or no), traders should be able to accurately predict price movement of a chosen asset for trade to be successful.

Prediction of price movement has to be decided in a predetermined period of time. To achieve that, a certain level of knowledge is necessary where it is recommended for traders to use different tools and tips to enhance trading knowledge.

Read further our guide to know more about the best tips on how to perfect binary options trading and what features to use to profit from binary brokers in South Africa.